5 Things to Do Before You Sell

It Pays to Work with a REALTOR

Getting It Sold



What do I need to do to prepare my house to sell?

Clean, de-clutter, inspect & repair.  Clean or have your home cleaned from top to bottom.  Windows need to be bright and ready to allow natural light.  Dust lighting fixtures, baseboards, air conditioning vents and furniture.  Clean all major appliances and put away small electrics.  Remove personal photos and any excentric decor.  If you’ve made your home a reflection of you, perhaps it’s time to go more neutral.  A new welcome mat at the door, seasonal flowers, and a fresh coat of paint goes a long way for buyers while they awaiting to enter.  Your REALTOR® or a home stagger can help you choose paint, what furniture to remove, and add to the professional look that will help the buyer feel right at home.

  • Check the closets – eliminate or pack any items so that they appear to have more room
  • Check the curb appeal – mow the lawn, trim shrubs, pick up sticks, keep trash cans out of view
  • How are the gutters?  Window and door trim?  Porches, decks, balconies?  How’s the mailbox look?
Help potential buyers envision your home as their own.  Keep odors down, pets at bay and children’s items to a minimum.  Remember that it’s no longer about you and your comfort, it’s about getting your home sold.

What inspections will my home be subject to?

Most buyers will want to do a general home inspection which will check the systems (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.), the roof, the structure, appliances and other items to ensure functionality and safety.  If there are any defects with these or other components the buyer may want a specific inspection by a licensed professional for that item.

If you have a property with a pool, spa, sprinkler system, well or other specialty item an additional inspection may be requested by the buyer; the general home inspector does not review these items.

A radon test may be performed on the buyer’s behalf.  Some of these test materials need to stay in the home for 48 hrs requiring 2 visits by the inspector.

The buyer may also want to test for lead based paint or mold.  An air quality test may be warranted for those with breathing issues.  Some modifications for filtering devices can be installed as soon as the buyer takes possession of the home.

The appraisal also requires a site inspection of the property.  Depending on the type of loan that the buyer is pursuing, the appraiser may need to test appliances, systems, windows to make sure the home meets minimum property standards.

When should I have the utilities disconnected?

Typically 24-72 hrs after the closing is scheduled.  This allows for any last minute changes that may arise.


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