Buyers…do you really want an agent?

stereotypes: to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same

People tend to be familiar with certain stereotypes; attorney, car salesman, real estate agent, etc.  The representation that you need from an experienced and professional party in a potentially highly emotional and great financial transaction is priceless.  The days of the real estate agent opening the door and talking to you about how great the carpet and paint colors are is over.  Today’s market is volatile.  The lending guidelines are ever-changing, property sellers are corporations, government sponsored entities, short salers, resellers and more.  The property conditions are extremely diverse in quality, condition and market times.

  • Is the house missing an exterior A/C unit?  Can I get the seller to pay for that?
  • Do I need owner’s title insurance?  If so why?
  • How long could it take to close?
  • Is my earnest money in jeopardy?
  • How are competing properties selling?
  • Do I need a home inspection; radon inspection; septic or well inspection?
  • Who can I trust to finance my home in a cost-effective, timely manner?
  • What is the best negotiation strategy for our circumstances?

Your REALTOR will also be of assistance with vendor and contractor referrals, they will help you find the home that is right for you, negotiate for your best advantage and work with the lender to get you into your new home.  There is much more to real estate representation than just opening the door.

There are literally hundreds of combinations of questions that need to be answered in each transaction.  Working with a competent, experienced, professional will provide the peace of mind you’ll need when shopping for your home.

Consider these when interviewing or looking for a REALTOR


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