5 Tips for a Successful Move


1. Make sure that your moving quote is based upon a visual survey.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when booking a move is assuming that a phone quote is guaranteed. The only way to obtain a binding quote is to have your household goods visually surveyed by a moving company.

2. Use a reputable mover for your move.

The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) has established the ProMover program to provide an easy way for consumers to separate reputable professional movers from rogue operators and con artists. All of the movers in the Van Line Express Network are ProMover certified.

3. Read all documents before signing.

Once you have been provided a written quote, make sure you read before signing. The quote should document weight, distance, and services to be rendered. If you have verbally discussed any special services make sure that those needs are reflected in the estimate.

4. Make sure you have adequate valuation coverage.

Standard coverage for interstate moves, which all carriers are required to provide, is 60 cents per pound. This amount will be inadequate if an expensive item is damaged in your move. Additional insurance can be purchased through the carrier or through your home insurance policy.

5. Schedule your move dates early

Over the past few years, challenges of the economy have forced many van line operators to pursue other employment. As the economy starts to recover, the van line industry finds itself short-handed. Much is being done to meet the needs of the moving public. You can improve your chances by reserving your move dates well in advance. Currently 4 – 8 weeks advance notice is advised.

Navigate your way to a smoother move by calling the Van Line Express at 800-926-7356.

Van Line Express can arrange for multiple, no obligation quotes, based upon visual surveys by carefully selected van line providers.

Our professional moving coaches have been trained to review, compare, and explain moving quotes, which can often be confusing to the untrained eye.

When you book your move with Van Line Express you can be assured a quality move experience at an aggressive discount, all the while being guided by a dedicated moving coach.


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