Sellers…You Have an Opportunity to Share

Sellers….Tell the whole story. In this market flooded with foreclosures, short sales, and other non-traditional sale types you truly have an opportunity to set your home apart. Corporate sellers typically do not provide any type of disclosure. Buyers are subject to an as-is property with no insight to repaired items, any history of the property, the neighborhood or any other nuggets that can make the difference in the buying decision.


Give buyers details

You’ll most likely complete a seller’s property disclosure statement that gives buyers basic details about your home, the age of heating and air systems, water heater, roof; any insurance claims; sewer or septic, and more. This document also has an area for “explanation”. Don’t be stingy here. If the roof was replaced provide the month and year, any information you have about the shingle type, color, warranty and more. Let the buyer know that you have supplemental documents; the invoice, the warranty papers and the roofing company’s contact information. Describe in detail any improvements you’ve made (retaining walls, landscaping, painting, deck addition, window replacement, any green upgrades, etc.)


Service providers

Give the buyer the landscaper’s number, how often and who you have servicing your homes systems, and any other history that you would want to know. A list of the utility providers including but not limited to: power, water, gas, trash, phone, cable, alarm, etc.


Where, When & How

When is the trash pickup? Where are the shutoffs for power, water and gas? Does the thermostat have a programmable feature, will you provide a tutorial on the alarm system at the final walk through, what are the zones and coverage for the sprinkler system, is the landscape lighting on a timer, where is the septic tank, what are the ins and outs of the pool/spa; any insight you can provide to the buyer will make them feel that they can trust in what they are buying. A good addition is a binder or container with warranty booklets, invoice copies, diagrams, explanations and any other documentation pertinent to the property.



Most everyone is interested in who their neighbors are even if they don’t get to know them. Who is the homeowner’s association contact? Is there an upcoming event, neighborhood watch or playgroup? In addition, they may be interested in the local dining, entertainment and shopping. If your REALTOR® doesn’t provide local resources, you can look into a welcome package from the Chamber of Commerce or the City’s Welcome Center to provide to potential buyers.


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