Parent Engagement Month – November

November is Parent Engagement Month in Georgia and November 18, 2010 is National Parent Involvement Day and that is something to get excited about! What a fantastic way to recognize the importance of the role parents and families play in a child’s education. I know many of you have already begun planning your own school or district parent involvement activities and celebrations, but I also wanted to take a moment to share with you a few things that may be of interest to you as you plan – ALL FOR NOVEMBER!

1) Governor’s Proclamation of Parent Engagement Month – Governor Perdue has signed a proclamation making November 2010 officially parent engagement month in Georgia. I have attached a copy of this document. You may wish to share this with your parents or even have your school board read it at their November board meeting.

2) Your Best GET INVOLVED Moment – The GaDOE needs your help in capturing your parent’s best GET INVOLVED stories! There is no better way to inspire other parents to get involved then by sharing other parent’s stories with them. That is why we are looking to collect as many parent stories over the month of November and we need your help! Attached you will find a handout called “Best GET INVOLVED moment.” I am asking that during your parent engagement month activities and celebrations that you ask parents to please write out their stories and then mail or scan these handouts back to me. Once stories are collected we are looking to develop some type of publication to be used for future years that will be beneficial to you in your work with parents and inspire parents throughout our state. Stories can be written anyway but we are asking that the parents briefly explain what the situation was, who was involved, what was the end result, and why it was their best get involved moment. You may also want to pass out the attached handout version of our Get Involved Brochure to help parent’s in coming up with their best GET INVOLVED moment. Please send all stories to me at my address below by: Friday, December 17, 2010.

3) Public Service Announcement’s and Parent Video’s – In honor of Parent Engagement Month the GaDOE and the GA PIRC have teamed up with Georgia Public Broadcasting to create GET INVOLVED public service announcements and video scenarios (at home and at school across all grade levels) that capture real parent’s telling their real stories around the 15 ways to get involved listed on attached handout. The 15 videos and overall PSA’s will be available in English and Spanish and will be easy to pull off the web. You will then be able to put them on your website, show at parent meetings and functions, or even play on your local school cable channels, etc. The week of November 8, 2010 I will send out more information on these including the overall PSA and 7 of the 15 videos. The other 8 videos will be ready in early December so you will have the complete set ready to use before the end of year!

4) State Board of Education Parent Engagement Resolution – On November 10, 2010 at the State Board of Education meeting, Georgia’s first Resolution on Parent Engagement is on the agenda to be signed which adopts a statement on parent engagement and strongly urges local school officials to use it as a guide in developing local school and district plans and policies. This resolution was written by the 2010 and 2011 Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council and truly represents how parent’s can by advocates and leaders in education. I will be sending out a copy of this resolution after the Board meeting on November 10th.

5) Superintendent Bryant’s National Parent Involvement Day Letter – Superintendent Bryant will be issuing a letter to parents on National Parent Involvement Day. I will make sure you get it in advance (November 15th) if you wish you make copies to send home with your parents.

6) GET INVOLVED Brochures and Posters – PICs who attended or will attend the Fall PIC meeting were given these brochures and posters. The brochure is the same as the handout version below. Limited quantities are available of the brochure (limit of 50).

Michelle Tarbutton
Parent Engagement, Program Manager
Outreach Programs Division
Office of Education Support and Improvement
Georgia Department of Education
1862 Twin Towers East
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive, SE
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 232 – 1148
Cell: (404) 931 – 9204
Fax: (770) 408 – 4197


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