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Rockdale County Grants Management Team Successfully Garners More than $990,000 in Multiple Grant Funds

Rockdale County —Third quarter fiscal season has proven very successful for Rockdale County’s Grants Management Team. Rockdale County recently received over $300,000 in additional funds from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs for the Homeowner Rehabilitation Project (HOME) funds as a part of the Community Home Investment Program (CHIP) grant. HOME funds are committed exclusively to Homeowner Rehabilitation and Down Payment Assistance activities.

Multiple grants totaling over $690,000 secured for Rockdale County’s State Court and Sheriff’s Department rounded out the successful third quarter applications awarded to Rockdale’s Grants Management Team.

“We continue to aggressively pursue alternative funding sources, especially during these tight economic times, and the hard work by our Grants team to meet the goal is certainly paying off,” Rockdale County Chairman and CEO, Richard A. Oden stated. “These multiple grant funds will greatly assist us in achieving our long-term efforts to make Rockdale County the best live, work, play community in the southeast.”

The HOME grant funds will be allocated to the following:

Milstead Village, a former mill community established in 1902, will receive 60% of the HOME project funds. Located adjacent to the Yellow River, Milstead Village is made up of original mill descendants, seniors, long term residents, multi-generational residents and new comers;

Housing repairs to income eligible homeowners in Rockdale County, in an amount not to exceed $22,900 per home, for a total of 11 homes, (seven in the Milstead Village Area and four homes county-wide). The funds can be used to address emergency repairs, or to replace/repair one or two major systems such as a roof, furnace, plumbing and/or electrical upgrades, and septic systems;

Down payment assistance to nine (9) income eligible first-time home buyers wishing to purchase a home in Rockdale County. The Down Payment Assistance project will provide a single amount of $6,200 to purchase a home in Rockdale, six in the Milstead Village and three homes county-wide.

Court and Sheriff funds are allocated to the following: Emergency Management Performance Grant, in the amount of $21,033 (in-kind match), designed to enhance the mobile data network with wireless access capability and digital media storage capacity;

United States Department of Justice/Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) $38,490 to enhance traffic enforcement capabilities;

$250,000 congressionally selected for the formation of the Rockdale Gang Intervention Project;

Adult Drug Court Discretionary Grant Program in the amount of $199,418 (in-kind match), to improve the quality and intensity of services provided to clients of the Rockdale County DUI Court Supervised Treatment Program;

COPS Community Oriented Policing /Technology Program and Methamphetamine Initiative funding of $150,000 to improve mobile data network capability through additional computers or cameras, increased digital media storage capacity and upgrades to wireless access capability;

Rockdale County DUI Court Supervised Treatment Program received $165,732 to improve the quality & intensity of services to clients of the Rockdale County DUI Court Supervised Treatment Program to ensure and sustain long term recovery from alcohol and drugs.

“The grants preparation and submission process tends to be long and arduous. An extraordinary amount of mental energy and effort is required, and often for all of your best efforts, you usually get a professionally signed rejection letter,” Rockdale County’s Grants Administrator, Alice Cintron stated. “However, giving up is not an option; knowing that the need is still there. The lack of an award makes your program no less valuable and the need no less urgent. So you try again, as many times as it takes.”

Rockdale County is a perfectly positioned community with a rock-solid approach dedicated to excellence in customer service, quality of life, and global economic development.


Erica Fatima

Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations

Rockdale County

Office: 770.278.7056

Cell: 770.712.0544

E-mail: erica.fatima

Rockdale County Receives Multiple Grants 2010 final.pdf


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