Get involved! Engage in Education

My daily adventures put me in a position to speak first hand to people considering a move to our community.  Weather they are families with school age children, retirees or single individuals they all have the same question. How are schools in this area?

They are determined to meet their immediate housing need with the best possible choice for protecting their investment; and quality of schools is top of the list.

Fortunately we are privileged to have a system with many accolades. A system that has adapted, grown, conquered and continues to support and change lives every day in our community.

A desirable school system is the foundation for a well-rounded community.  Economic development and a sufficient ready work force are directly related to community growth.

As residents and business partners in Rockdale it is up to each of us to commit to supporting continued growth and improvement.

I have had the opportunity to volunteer as a mentor (an hour a week), to participate in strategic planning and early learning community based sustainability committees (a few meeting over a few months), as a member of the parent advisory council, school council, partner in education and more.

It really is easy to do.

The first thought you may have is “where will I find the time”. I was gently reminded, by a child none the less that we all have the same 86,400 seconds in a day, how we choose to use it is up to us.

The hardest step is the decision to get involved. You can tailor your experience to fit you. There are endless options – You can volunteer in a classroom, at an event, to read a book, or be a mentor. You can donate in kind services/products that in turn promote you and your business, volunteer your time or make donations to specific programs or areas.

Basically you can change lives; you can change the life of a child with your personal caring interaction; you change the life of children and teachers through your donation to a program or you change your own life with the gift of giving. You can utilize your talents to plan, assist and improve. Just say, I can do that!

Children are the future, make an investment with the possibility for exponential growth and say I can do that!

August 2010 – Brandi Wells, Prudential Colony Realty, Parent, Volunteer, Business Partner

Contact Katy at for more information.


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