Underage Drinking

Town Hall meeting on Underage Drinking at Conyers First Baptist Church

Thursday, May 27, at 6:30 pm.

Chris Sandy will be the speaker (http://www.chadfoster.com/chrissandy_facts.html)  For those of you who aren’t aware, Chris Sandy was a student at Heritage High School.  In April of 2000, Chris decided to go to a party, have four mixed drinks, and drive down a country road outside of Atlanta, GA. Traveling at a speed of 77-miles-per-hour on a road that carries a 35-mile-per-hour speed limit, Chris Sandy’s car crashed into an oncoming vehicle that was attempting to make a left turn into a residential driveway. The turning vehicle was literally cut in half by the force of the crash, killing the elderly couple inside.

Chris Sandy was found guilty on two counts of DUI – Vehicular Homicide and was sentenced to 13 years in a Georgia State Prison. Upon his release from prison, Chris will spend 17 years on probation. Inmate Sandy travels across America to share his horrific story with schools, churches, military bases, and community organizations throughout the state. His presentations about impaired driving, the consequences of high-risk, unsafe choices, and life in prison are incredibly powerful.

This program has allowed Chris to share his lifesaving messages with more than 120,000 students to date.

Thank you to Michael Hutcheson with Rockdale Coalition for Children and Families for arranging this Town Hall Meeting.  This is a great opportunity for our SADD Chapters!

Click HERE for more info


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