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Below are some helpful community related resources.

Family Promise

Rockdale Community Organizations

Phoenix Pass

LIghthouse Village

Rockdale County Emergency Relief

United Way-Rockdale

Family Promise of NewRock

View Our Wish List for our organization’s needs.  Please use the Contact Us link to communicate with us if you have access to any of the things on the list or know somebody who does. 




Operationally we voted to have 13 written commitment letters from 13 congregations to be hosts for these families before we start the program. If our network can recruit 13 congregations that would mean each congregation would only have to host 4 times per year.


This is the second most important place to have before the program can begin. The Day Center must have as a minimum a washer & dryer, 2 complete bathrooms and 2 separate rooms for office and lounge. The Day Center is the hub from which all the Host Congregations revolve. It should be located within 30 minutes of the Host Congregations. 1200 to 2400 sq. ft.


It is estimated that the first full year will take approximately $125,000. To get started it was suggested having one third that amount. Because this corporation will be a Tax Exempt Corporation, we will be able to provide tax receipts for any individual or company that will donate to us.


Since it is not mandatory to have a washer & dryer at each church, it is necessary to have them at the day center, it is essential.


We need 16 to 18 roll away beds similar to the ones used in hotels. These beds and tables will be moved from Host Congregation to Host Congregation each week.

14’ – 18’ TRUCK

It would be great to have one vehicle that can transport all the beds and belongings in one trip.


A van to carry the guests from Host Congregation to Day Center and to other necessary local area trips.


To store and move the guests personal belongings during stays and transportation between Host Congregations.


A space to store donated furnishings for program graduates to help them furnish their new home.


Good condition office/household furnishings to help start up Day Center.


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