Fact for Consumers – How to Use the Energy Guide Label

Most of us are energy conscious on some level.  Weather that be “turn the water off while you brush”, “close the refrigerator”, “why is every light in the house on” or a related remark we tend to care about wasting energy.  Wasting energy, wastes money and that is the bottom line for the majority.  There is a gradual progression toward energy-efficient lighting, appliances, window coverings and other cost conserving items for the average consumer.

Marketing efforts to make you feel better about the choice you’ve made for your purchase and it’s effects on the environment work for some and yet for others it’s all cost related.  No matter what motivates you,  information is key.  Learning to read the EnergyGuide Label may be the first step to opening your eyes to more efficient products and closing your wallet to wasting energy.


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