Homebuyer Tax Credit Extended and Expanded

Realtor Action Alert

Congress heard you on the need to both extend and expand the homebuyer tax credit to continue stimulating the housing sector of the economy. The Senate voted 98-0 on Wednesday and yesterday the House voted 403-12 on legislation that includes the extension and expansion of the credit. The President is expected to sign the legislation, perhaps as early as today.Thank you for making this victory happen. Your letters in response to our Call for Action made a very big difference, as did the thousands of REALTOR® phone calls, visits by Federal Political Coordinators—all members of NAR—in getting this legislation passed. This is a great victory for the economy, for homebuyers, and for all of you in real estate. You made your case to Congress. We deeply appreciate your commitment and involvement on this issue and trust your continued support will follow in the weeks ahead on all our future Calls for Action.

More information on the tax credit and what it means to you:

nav_red_arrow.gifChanges to the Homebuyer Tax Credit Law
nav_red_arrow.gifFrequently Asked Questions About the New Bill
nav_red_arrow.gifListen to NAR President Charles McMillan’s Podcast About the Bill Passing
nav_red_arrow.gifSee How the House Voted
nav_red_arrow.gifIn Depth: 2009 First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit
nav_red_arrow.gifWatch the Entries in the Tax Credit REALTOR® Party Video Contest


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