A Personal Umbrealla Policy for a Rainy Day

There are so many “rainy days” that people can experience – a sick child, a broken-down car or a late mortgage payment. But what about a lawsuit? These days lawsuits are being filed, not just against big corporations, but also against people. In the blink of an eye, you could be involved in a car or boating accident, or have someone become injured on your property that could result in litigation against you seeking thousands or even millions of dollars.


Even though your primary insurance policies, such as Auto, Homeowners, Boatowners, etc., may provide substantial liability insurance coverage, it may not be enough. A Personal Liability Umbrella Policy provides additional amounts of liability coverage at an affordable price. Personal umbrella coverage amounts typically begin at one million dollars and can be increased in one million dollar increments. An umbrella policy often insures against some types of losses for which there is no coverage in the underlying policy.  Examples of such loss include libel, slander and defamation of character.

The value of a personal liability umbrella policy is to provide higher amounts of liability coverage for an affordable premium. It can help protect the financial assets of your household when you need it most and can bring confidence knowing that you have the coverage needed to help protect your family. To see if this is a policy that can benefit you, talk to your insurance agent.

Wendy Bear, State Farm Insurance Agent

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